Back to work

Sorry for the lack of blogs. I've gone back to work. It's pretty tough to get used to aftter 12 months of being master of my own time. But it's great to be back in an office, working with bright people. 

I'm halfway through a Writing for TV Drama course with Russell Gascoigne. He's a warm, funny and bright teacher. Most of the content I'm familiar with but it's been a while since I first learnt it, so its been refreshing. Last week, we looked at starts. In particular, how Paul Abbott expectedly hides information to keep you hooked. We watched the first episode of Clocking Off. 

As part of the course, we need to complete 10 pages of a TV script, preferably with a beginning, middle and end. I pitched my idea last week. I won't repeat the whole thing but in brief, it's about a celebrity adventurer who fakes his way through life and is forced to face reality when he’s stranded with his daughter in the Mendips. In parallel, I'm working with Screenology on a 6-part web series about con men. So, I'll marry the two.

I've got a short story and two poems that will be published in a charity anthology to support the Alf Dubs Children's Fund. The short story was a pig to write. Possibly, the hardest thing I've done. To get something down to 1000 words was tortuous. The scifi story is about an African girl who travels with her younger brother to Japan where they are both enslaved.