February 5

A day working on writing, producing and editing. So here I am editing the website. A few writers are putting on a showcase of our short plays. I am the Theatre Producer but am having lots of help from the more experienced members of the group, such as Jesse and Karolina. We will be showcasing 6 short plays:

  • Achilles' Paw - Andrzej Wawrowski
  • An experience to remember - Jane Clark
  • Dole or no dole/The Trevorville Trial - Russ Pratt
  • Killing Rainbows - Merlin Goldman
  • Rosebush Park - Karolina Woznicka
  • Secrets of the Universe - Jesse Marbulcanti

We've yet to pick a venue but we have a shortlist. Hope to see you there.

photo credit: Geboorte des Revoltes #3 ¬ 8701 via photopin (license)