First Page

I thought I'd add the first page of the new work. It may change, it may move or it could disappear completely.

The sea licked the shore as if to taste it. The long strip of golden sand connected Portland to the mainland. Cars drove relentlessly along, oblivious. A casual glance from the passenger window would not see it. Passengers staring down from the window of a plane would point at the pimple on the coastline - an oddity to be squeezed. But a dog. A curious dog. She would see it. The waves of odour on the ozonic breeze. It sniffed and poked with its nose. It couldn’t be eaten and didn’t have its owner’s aroma. Best to leave it in peace. It was at peace. A small creature, cleansed by salt water, rinsed of life.
‘What is it, Oscar? What have you found?’
She moved the dog out of the way.
‘It’s just a dolly, you silly animal,’ turning it over with her walking stick, the dead eyes like marbles, the wet flesh real.