Genre Hopping

I decided the theme of this post would be genre hopping. I read that many of the most memorable movies are those that mix genres. The lastest to do this is 'Get Out'. Part horror, part romantic comedy it is a wonderfully written film. It manages blend internal and external worlds: physical (body as a vessel vs the mind as two people on one ladder), conflict (fitting in vs staying out) and metaphysical (self-determination vs institutional dictats). At its heart was the subtle way stereotypes are played out in human converstations and behaviours, particularly when people are new to each other.

What else can we hop? I walk between science and the arts over the bridge of creativity. I attended a STEM event on the 20th at the Watershed with a friend. He was considering becoming a STEM Amabassador. These individuals encourage young students to consider careers (and subjects) in the STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering and maths. Several have argued that it should become STEAM with 'arts' added.

On Wednesday, I attended Sir Paul Nurse's installation. I sat near the front, under the moon. This was a fabulous piece of art. The ceremony was austere without feeling bloated. There was poetry and music from the University's students which was a great touch as well the extremely good speach by the student representative.

On Thursday we went to see Paul Gadd at the Cube. It's a great venue run by a group of volunteers. It needs a bit more love at the bar/reception but once seated, if a little squashed, it's a lovely, somewhat hidden addition to the city. The show was classed as comedy. It certainly had comedic moments. Richard Gadd spent the first 40 minutes running on a treadmill while he had conversations with a queued voice. It also had video clips reenacting his psychotherapy sessions. For the finale, he stepped off to deliver the denouement - it was an extraordinary powerful moment. It was part comedy part performance but like Get Out, at its centre was truth.