Nanowrimo 2016

I completed nanowrimo last year and am near the end of the second edit. It was exhausting but helped me greatly to get to the end of a first draft of sufficient length. At times, I had to pull out a large number of personal experiences to finish it but it worked. Well, it got me to the end. Whether its the best method is still uncertain.

This year I've not been able to hit the monthly target of 1667 words. I've been hitting about 1000 with the best day being 2300 and the worst 500. However, I've not yet had to trawl through the memory banks for incidents to the extent as I did last year. I think this has made the story more focussed and linear. Better? That's not for me to decide. 

Well, I'd better keep going.

Picture of typewriter: DA Chaney