One Night Stand

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

We finished a weekend of filming for One Night Stand. This is the first film by Bristol's newest film collective, DIY Films. I was in the art department so was involved in mostly set design and props, plus some ferrying to and from the location. The first day was setting up the scene. That went fairly smoothly. We took some time setting up the lights. None of us were expects but we achieved a lovely setup through some advice we'd received and trial and error. In essence we had two table lights, one additional side on light (Arri Fresne through a double gauze) and another Arri bouncing light off the cream ceiling. 

We used sound blankets to cover the window, blocking light and sound. There were the occasional bus passing by. The scene was set in a bedroom and we interchanged sheets for the pillows a few times to we had a balance the Director wanted. 

On day 2, we began shooting about 10. We used a single boom. The actors were fairly unclothed which in the heat of the lights might have been a blessing. We had shots down onto them as well as over the shoulder shots. We also some transitions e.g. from the couple to the wine glasses as well as some cutaways e.g. wiggling feet. We finished about 5pm inside. A small team went outside to film a short scene outside while the rest of us returned the house to normal.