Opening Scene

In June, Trial and Error put on a showcase of short plays at the Alma Tavern's Theatre in Redland, Bristol. My piece, Killing Rainbows was the first up. We struggled to find an actor but we were very lucky to get Chris who I'd seen perform as part of a great Jacque Lecoq-inspired theatre company called Rhum and Clay. Daniel Smith was the Director. They made some sensible changes and it was well received. I saw it on the Saturday matinee - our quietest show. All the evening performances were about two thirds sold out, meaning we should break even as Producers/Investors.

I offered to help out Jesse, our marvellous Executive Director, as a Stage Manager. I have to say it was really nerve wracking. I spent most of my time in a hot corner off stage outside the pub's kitchen. Apart from one error on the first night with some fake blood, it all went very smoothly. The sets consisted of beds, tables and chairs. We had lots of laughs from the audiences and plenty of applause. Of course, many of them were friends and family but hey, you got to start somehwere.

It was a great experience and it was a good learning experience - seeing one's words performed live.