Panto Cleanup

Well the show run is over. Six nights and nearly 200 people saw the show. Lots of friends but many strangers too. The actors did a great job - keeping the energy levels up for each show. Most worked during the day. The pieces worked well as a set. The bookends were bright and fun. My two pieces in the middle provided a little more cerebral work. Tank was the most challenging piece for the actors but the one that they most wished to try. Great to see these young actors wishing to push themselves. I've entered Tank and Tick-Tock into several competitions this week, so let's see if they get performed again.

One thing that didn't go as well as we hoped was reviewers. We tried several magazines and Remote Goat. The former never showed and no one registered in Bristol for Remote Goat made it. I even tried to register for the latter to boost their number of reviewers for future shows but they are not accepting any new reviewers. Dissapointing. Fortunately, Julie from Bradley Stoke Radio was able to attend on the first night and review the show.

So the week following the show was mostly spent entering competitions. Sometimes the plays need to be shortened or slightly adapted. Sometimes I needed to write synopses or marketing copy. For one, I had to send a printed copy - very unusual nowadays. Otherwise, I was entering all the finances for the show. I spent about £200 on propos and costumes as well as flyers and programmes.

On the writing side, I've been working on my sitcom idea. I read the sitcomgeek's book on it, so I'm currently coming up with ideas 50-100 of the things the characters might try to do. I've also been working on the second edit of Sea Glass.