Proof of life

The major story of the week has been completion of my second full length novel, The Proving. It started during Nanowrimo month but was finished in mid-December. I went at about 1000 words a day with only one day of the 45 or so, not including a day's writing. I'm pleased with it. It has several twists and turns I couldn't have predicted. It's gruesome but has some lighter moments, mostly through the brother-sister relationship of the two main characters. I will leave it for a while before the first edit.

The production tasks for Pantomime Shorts continue. We need to make some decisions on props. The considerations include cost, ease of acquisition and our Director's vision for the show. In this latter case, its whether he wants a full on realisation of the charactor's dress or something that indicates what they are wearing, leaving the audience's imagination to fill in the rest. For example, furry ears could indicate a chacter being a wolf or beast without requiring full 'Werewolf in London' prosthetics.

As an Everyman member (birthday present) I got a ticket to a special screeing of Light Years including a Q&A with the writer/director Esther May Campbell. Beth Orton was in the cast who I saw perform at the Port Eliot Festival in the summer. She was excellent. The film came to life in the last quarter. It had plenty of locations I was familiar with as I've cycled around Avonmouth on many occastions. I got to speak briefly to Esther May Campbell after the film about her new film, a scifi romance.