The Writers Room and DIY Film School

On Monday 22nd July, I had the film version of A Game of Two Halves read out by actors in the Writers Room at Film London. The event was hosted by the Equal Access Network, Film London and Six Missing Chairs. Representatives of each were present and gave expert feedback but there was more also from others in the room e.g. other writers, directors and producers.

The quality of scripts was good. There is something less satisfying about a film being read than a play. I think this is because a play is mostly dialogue. I found that the scripts with plenty of action were harder to follow. There were about 5 scripts read on the night by four actors. Food and drink was provided although I'd eaten in the Irish pub earlier. 

I was pleased with the reading. The actor playing Froggie really brought him to life. Bee felt a bit overwhelmed in the piece. I think she'd need more dialogue if I was to edit for film. She does 'win' in the end, though. After the reading, a few people went for for drinks afterwards. It's a great opportunity to have work read out and do some networking. You can access the opportunity through Six Missing Chair's facebook page.

Last week was the first meeting of the DIY Film School. This is an inititive set up by John Stephenson. Frustrated by some previous short filmmaking, he wanted to create an environment where people can make films and have a go at different aspects. So people can just stick to one thing but will help out on others all the way to doing a completely different role. We had a good 2h meeting in the Pervasive Media Studio. We've put a call out for scripts and set our next meeting date.