Who killed the radio star?

I was on Bradley Stoke radio yesterday. I've been on the radio twice before, both Bristol Community FM. On those two occasions it was to discuss Children's Theatre Day and the Bloodhounc SCC project. On this occasion, it was to discuss the new show Pantomime Shorts. I also spoke a little about myself - yeuch. Julie was great. The radio station is at the back of the Activity Centre in the middle of a small park.

On Tuesday I was involved in giving mock interviews at Orchard School in Filton. There were about 30 adults spread around the gym at individual desks. The students handed us a short CV which we read and then asked them questions. We discussed what they liked at school and what they enjoyed out of school. Some were nervous but all of them did a great job. At the tea break, there were a large selection of giant muffins and pastries. I've long gone past the point of feeling annoyed that I can't eat them. Fortunately, I'd brought a small cereal bar with me.