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CHAINSAW was performed as part oft the Time To Talk charity event in Salford in February. The night raised £350. My short story,Tokyo Violet is currently a Screencraft semi-finalist.

I attended the Olwen Wymark ( award lunch on February 14th as a nominee. It's administered by the Writers Guild of Great Britain. I proposed Matt Grinter for the delivery of a playwriting class at Theatre Royal Bath. He won. 

On the filmmaking front, we're putting the final touches to ONE LIFE STAND, EDMUNDS and MONKEY BARS. MARIGOLDS requires a few extra shots. 

My PhD chat is on hold due to the ULU strike. I've been shortlisted for a film fund so need to prepare for the pitch. I've had written a story called TIDY as a proposal for the next round of DIY Films projects.

My immediate attention is finishing some script work for BOVTS's students and an Arts Council application for AGOTH. I completed an outline for a biopic for a producer and sent it. I've completed another edit of a novella for Travelling Light

Where to Submit your Play

Here is a list of UK theatres that accept unsolicited submissions.

List of UK Theatres Accepting Scripts.pdf