On the PhD, I got turned down by Bristol so will look to other Universities. It was disappointing, especially as a former employee, but them's the breaks. I'll be keeping an eye out for p/t work as well as trying to increase my consultancy work. 

I had a great time watching the rehearsals and performance of A Game of Two Halves (you can read the blog post here). We did some sound pickups for Monkey Bars last week, swings squeaking and so on. Marigolds is still being edited and we'll need a few extra shots.

On the submissions front, I heard anything from the production company looking at Orbital. I also sent off the first 10 pages of Outdoorsman to Free@Last and am hoping for feedback. I've only heard back from one theatre that I sent Hit Points too. Hopefully, I'll get some feedback in a month or so. I've applied for the Oxford Playmaker course run by John Retallack. We had a 'No' from Image for Reg: The Self-Made Man.

I've signed up to LSF Accelerate and the Raindance Festival. I'm also hoping to go to the Lisbon Film Festival in November. I need to get back to the 3-4 scripts to send to agents. The good news on finishing the John Yorke course is I have a new 4-page treatment for a TV show called Gangsterland. I'm currently editing The Carpenter and the Goat Herder, a YA novella. It will go to Travelling Light once complete for consideration as a play. I'll probably also send it to agents.

Where to Submit your Play

Here is a list of UK theatres that accept unsolicited submissions.

UK Theatres Supporting New Writers.pdf