On the PhD front, I'm in discussion with another University and have the go ahead for a full application. 

In regards to getting out and about, I attended LSF Accelerate - you can read the blog post here. In general, it was great value for money - thanks to Chris and Judy - meeting quite a few Producers as well as catching up with TC 5ers and seeing some great talks.

This weekend, I'm going to the Inward Eye Screenwriters weekend in Ambleside. A blog will follow. So far, I don't have many other workshops or events planned. Oh, I'm gong to the Q&A for Monos with Rachel Randall, Lecturer in Hispanic Media and Digital Communications at UOB and Humberto Perez-Blanco, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at UWE. 

I didn't make the final 5 of the Bristol Old Vic's Open Session, but it does appear that I have made the shortlist as I will be getting a workshop next year. I'll be working on extending AGOTH to full length but working on something else for the workshop, probably Loud Mouth

I got a No from Delta and the Oxford Playmaker course run by John Retallack. Hit Points is still with several public theatres so should hear back soonish. 

Where to Submit your Play

Here is a list of UK theatres that accept unsolicited submissions.

UK Theatres Supporting New Writers.pdf