Artist Biography for Dark Horse submission. SEEKING AN ARTIST FOR COLLABORATION. 

The Outsiders (work in progress).  SEEKING AN ARTIST FOR COLLABORATION. What if those that we consider as immigrants, job-takers, non-white British were those that cared enough to protect our capital with the lives? A companion piece of prose is here.

Reg - The Self-Made Man (work in progress). A modern reinterpretation of Frankenstein's Monster. Set in London and Cambridge it's a story of a man, made in a laboratory, seeking answers. Inks by Tony Holdsworth and colours by Ellie Wright. Submitted to several independent comic book publishers. See cover art below.

Menagerie (published 2008). A short story, illustrated by Ryan Bayliss, featuring a man buying a pet for his daughter but being led into a macabre world. This short story was completed in 2008 and remains unpublished - please get in contact if you would like to change that. You can read it below (it can be slow to load) or here.