New Play: Hit Points

New Play: Hit Points

I had a read through of my newest play last night, called Hit Points. When Samantha, single mum to teenager Joe, announces she's got a debilititating illnees, she finds those she thought she could rely on to help, might not be trustworthy. I had 4 actors and my friend, Mark Lewis, did an excellent job of reading the directions. We used the Library upstairs at the Brewhouse.

The play ran for 54 minutes which I recorded. I scribbled franticly throughout. At the end, I had feedback from some friends who came to listen. Now for some quick editing to meet the Bristol Old Vic's Open Session deadline. I sent it in the day before the deadline only to find out later, they'd extended it by a week.

While using an old notebook last night, I found a little poem:


The Lonely Clown

The clown shed a tear

'It's what I had feared.

They've left me behind.

Circus folk are unkind.'


A crow gave a squawk

and started to talk.

'Don't cry over them.

There's nought crueller than men.'


Happy National Writing Day!