Pantomime Shorts

Pantomime Shorts

This week Pantomime Shorts began its performances. The opening night was Tuesday 3rd. We had a good number of tickets sold and the show went well. Actors remembered lines and had added a lot of sublety to their performances following the final rehearsals.

We had a dress and technical rehearsal on the Monday. This went well but we did not have sufficient time to build the set. This happened on Tuesday. On a bitterly cold morning Daniel Smith and I went to the Wood Store to find wood to fulfil his vision for the backdrop. We'd already dropped off two flat trees from Ben Nash for the back wall, to form a forest. A salvaged Christmas tree provided a three-dimensional look to it. Glitter added to the grey-painted wall added some fairy tale zest.

Audience reaction has been great. It's interesting to see how they react to the 'jokes' you think you've written. Some work and some don't. For some pieces the audience seems transfixed only realising their emotion at the end in one big wave. The actors tell me they can feel the difference.

The professionally programmes look good although they are later than we intended them to arrive. With Christmas and New Year we underestimated the time to get the material to the printers. However, Solopress have been a great company to deal with for the programmes and all the flyers. 

I tried filming the show last night and failed. It was out of focus and the camera stopped after 15 minutes. After a discussion with the staff member in a camera shop I found out that camera's video lengths are limited. So I bought a second hand camcorder. Hopefully, it will work tonight.