Talent Campus 5.0

Talent Campus 5.0

I attended the Ignition Phase of Talent Campus 5.0 a couple of weeks ago and it was a blast. It was inspiring and extremely tiring. I made a mistake staying too far away, making the days even longer. We're currently in the remote section working on treatments for 3 ideas each.

I'd say you could split the content of TC into 4:

  1. Confidence building
  2. The film and tv business
  3. Screenwriting and film making techniques
  4. Meeting other writers

I'll not say too much about the confidence building techniques as some are private. However, you can go online and see some of the activities that take place. In terms of 2, we had some great invited speakers such as Jed Mercurio, Gareth Unwin and Stephen Fellows. We had talks on what a sales agent does and how to get films made. For number 3, we had a presentation by John Yorke, mostly focussed on the 5-act structure. Chris Jones presented a short film through all the stages from script to reshoots to the final cut.

In regards of 4, there were nearly 30 of us on the course. We came from a variety of backgrounds. Last night, Rob Valentine, one of the group, won an award for best radio drama for Red Moon. We had actor/writers and director/writers but most were writers with day jobs. I've got mentor sessions now with Karol Griffiths and some writing deadlines. So I'd better crack on.