The Carpenter and The Goat Herder

“Trees do not have names. But now that I am something else… I shall be called Ekundu.”

A supernatural tale of a widowed carpenter and a beguiling woman carved from an ancient tree felled by lightning. How is it possible that Kip’s hands and simple tools have created such beauty? How can a statue come alive? And what are Ekundu’s intentions? All the villagers succumb to her charms but worst of all, so does Mzungu, the local warlord, who raids the village for children to sustain his army. Ekundu gives herself in exchange for their safety, leaving Kip alone again. Unable to persuade the village Elders to mount a rescue, he treks to Mzungu’s fort, followed by his donkey. But will it be Ekundu who ultimately rescues him? And what of the mysterious goat herder who appears unexpectedly? Does she know what magic is at play?


Publishing Team

  • Publisher: Merlin Goldman
  • Illustrator: Merlin Goldman
  • Editor: Craig Simpson
  • Proofreader: Joanna Peios
  • Designer: James Pople


The book has taken several years to write. A spark for the story came from a wooden sculpture of a woman friends of my father had in their living room. They were one of the first to own a video player. After writing the book, I sought an illustrator. But I couldn't find one that was available or affordable or could create the images I had in mind. So I did them myself. After that I had the help of an editor, designer and proofreader to get it finished. The book is now live and a launch event planned for the end of September.


Where to buy

The books are available online from most book stores. 



Selected images from the physical book.