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BFVS, we've put all our recorded presentations online. There's a great variety of stuff we've done over the last few months during lockdown. We've had attendances of anything from 20 to 50. 

As part of the WhereTo initiative I made a short showreel. This initiative was led by Julia and Lucy from Documental Theatre.

I've updated the list of theatres in the UK and Ireland who will accept scripts either through specified windows or all year round. I've also tried to include some detail on what else is required along with any other major constraints. It's at the bottom of this page.

On the study front, I completed the NYU TISCH Writing the Feature course. This follows on from my completion of the the Writing the Short course. I also completed the Film London Writer's Labs course run by Angeli Macfarlane. I've summarised both in a blog post.

On the writing front, as part of the NYU course, I completed my major scenes ant tent pole beats for The Odds Couple. This is a romcom road movie. I'll probably write the first draft before going back to finish Orbital. There are still workshops and coffee classes running on Dischord that I will dip into.

On the rejection front, I've had a couple for Loud Mouth. I also wasn't successful in my View from Here bid to Bristol Old Vic. They had lots of applications and seemed to go for ready to go pieces or musicians. I've had my Early Development Funding for Not Out rejected and also got a rejection from the my BFI New Voices application. 

I've updated my submission opportunities via LPW and Film Freeway and submitted to half a dozen opportunities. The total now stands at over 120. I remember an actor telling me that a typical success rate was 1 in 50 (parts won for auditions taken). I'm running at a similar success rate. Not quite at Jed Mercurio's 1 in 4.

On the filmmaking side, DIY Films is on hiatus till next year. We're hopefully making a piece I've written called Quartz. We'll still be entering One-Life Stand and Edmonds to festivals although it's tricky as both Directors have drifted away. One-Life Stand didn't get selected for Encounters unfortunately.

Where to Submit your Play

Here is a list of UK and Ireland theatres that accept plays:

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