Reg: The Self-Made Man

Reg: The Self-Made Man (work in progress). A modern reinterpretation of Frankenstein's Monster. Set in London and Cambridge it's a story of a man, made in a laboratory, seeking answers. Inks by Tony Holdsworth and colours by Ellie Wright. Submitted to several independent comic book publishers. See cover art below.


Menagerie (published 2008). A short story, illustrated by Ryan Bayliss, featuring a man buying a pet for his daughter but being led into a macabre world. This short story was completed in 2008 and remains unpublished - please get in contact if you would like to change that. You can read it below (it can be slow to load) or here.

Future Work

Artist Biography for Dark Horse submission. SEEKING AN ARTIST FOR COLLABORATION. 

The Outsiders (work in progress) SEEKING AN ARTIST FOR COLLABORATION. What if those that we consider as immigrants, job-takers, non-white British were those that cared enough to protect our capital with the lives? A companion piece of prose is here.