I don't write much poetry any more but here are two I enjoyed completing.


Mass was heavy with expectation

Had a light year passed?

"Hi" said one, "hello" said the other

as they sped into view.

The weight lifted and he embraced them

"Great to see you both.

How far has it been since we last met,

relatively speaking?"

The space between them began to stretch

sagging under them

"A quarter of a parsec", they said

as they were pulled apart.

"We don't have sufficient energy!"

He shouted at them

as the parallax of the star shone

through the widening gap.

"Create a vacuum," they photon pulsed

spinning around him

sucking in molecules, he grew bigger

absorbing every gas.

The void grew thinner around the three.

Mass became energy,

spinning faster around his body.

He grew denser, blacker.

He felt powerful, intoxicated -

a magnet for life.

"Wa hoo!". "Wa hey!". In between giggles,

hand in hand, they exclaimed.

"We're coming back towards you, our friend”,

their orbit shallowing.

"I feel enormous, let's join as one”,

reeling them into him.

"But we're going too fast, we'll hurt you”.

"Don't worry" he said,

his event horizon circling.

"Nothing can hurt us now".

They hurtled inwards, smashing into him.

"It's too much”, he heaved.

"We can't get out - it's burning us up",

as they were squeezed inside him.

They became black, blocking out the stars -

a gravity well.

Full of mass becoming energy,

distance becoming time.

In a moment of stillness, they saw each other

wished each other luck.

A star formed, then collapsed under its weight,

reducing them to atoms.


I am not I
He is not him
But we are us

As salt and pepper
Never apart
Always together

I was just me
Floating in space
One of a crowd

He was himself
A solitary drifter
Not looking ahead
We met at the hip
Fusing and merging
Beginning to combine

I was once white as chalk
He was pencil-lead black
But now we are neither

Just a single grey cloud
That used to be two