The Carpenter and The Goat Herder

This illustrated book is now finished and is the final proofing stages. It will be published in hardback, paperback and ebook. It's available on Book Sirens and Booksprout as an Advanced Reader Copy. It's a supernatural tale of a widowed carpenter and a beguiling woman carved from a tree. Here's the back cover blurb:

“Trees do not have names. But now that I am something else… I shall be called Ekundu.”

A supernatural tale of a widowed carpenter and a beguiling woman carved from an ancient tree felled by lightning. How is it possible that Kip’s hands and simple tools have created such beauty? How can a statue come alive? And what are Ekundu’s intentions? All the villagers succumb to her charms but worst of all, so does Mzungu, the local warlord, who raids the village for children to sustain his army. Ekundu gives herself in exchange for their safety, leaving Kip alone again. Unable to persuade the village Elders to mount a rescue, he treks to Mzungu’s fort, followed by his donkey. But will it be Ekundu who ultimately rescues him? And what of the mysterious goat herder who appears unexpectedly? Does she know what magic is at play?

The Proving (fourth draft in progress)

Warren Stance works for The Skeptics Handbook, a magazine that debunks hoaxes and false claims. He works with soon-to-be father Harris, data miner Glade and their boss, The Prof, in Bristol.

They receive a photograph of a baby girl washed up on Portland beach. It has a faint black cross on its chest. While the police search for its distraught mother, Warren suspects more is at stake. With Harris gone to care for his wife, Warren asks his older sister, a police constable on sick leave, to help him.

They discover a network of influence across the island, all trying to prevent them from stopping the next tragedy.

Update: on hold after speaking to agents. Nature of killings considered too risky for many US publishers.

Sea Glass (second draft completed)

Chris Palace was born a boy but wanted to be a woman. Born in Hull, she lives with her mother after their abusive father left them. She enjoys sea swimming with her best friend Leyton until she tries to kiss him.  Chris tours the world as a DJ, saving enough money to undergo gender transition procedures. Chris finds her father and confronts him, leaving him distraught. Returning to Hull, she is followed by his lover, a gangster.

County Lines (plotting)

When a shy, teenage boy’s grandmother is killed in a drug-related murder, he joins the local gang to find out why.