Free Film Scripts

Looking for a short script to film? Perhaps you're a student or early career filmmaker? Here are some short films that you can use for free for non-commercial use. 

In a city hotel room, a woman begins her well practised ritual, transforming into a werewolf. But when she goes out to hunt she finds her prey more difficult to catch than usual.

Actors: 1, Pages: 2, hotel room. No dialogue.

Image by lukasbieiri

In a boxing club, an experienced trainer finds he's seen as surplus to requirements  but when meets a woman who's mother has dementia, he gets a second chance.

Actors: 4, Pages: 3, boxing club

Image by Matt Blanchford.

On a suburban street, a teenage girl finds an overweight, sodden cat on a doorstep. When she threatens to report its owner he begs her to see things his way.

Actors: 3, Pages: 2, suburban street and living room.

Image by Almi