Stage Plays

  • Chainsaw (performed): when India arrives at Anna's house to tell her that her son will commit suicide imminently, she doesn't believe it.
  • Hit Points: a full length play about single Mum, Sam and her teenage son Joe. When she announces that she's ill, who will can she trust to care for him?
  • A Game of Two Halves (performed): an unlikely couple on a football terrace. A comedic short play performed at the Theatre Royal Bath on the 1st September 2019 as part of Falling.

  • Tick-Tock (performed): A former TV star returns to a seaside town toplay Hook, only to find Peter Pan is much more than an on-stage rival. Watch it  here
  • Tank (performed): a glimpse into the competitive world of pantomime horse performers. Watch it here
  • Loudmouth (work in progress, long-listed for Old Vic 12): a shock DJ fuels fascist sympathies after the UK votes to Remain.
  • Our Kid (work in progress, long-listed for Pint-sized): one man brings another into a bare room. One is a soldier, the other is his captor.

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    • Midnight Sunrise (work in progress): Lord Lucan battles the black angels.
    • Toasty (work in progress): a male couple challenge each others convictions.
    • Elvis (work in progress): a man holds up a convenience store with his mate.
    • Killing Rainbows (performed in 2017): Watch it here

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    • Killing Rainbows (performed in 2016) a revolutionary artist creates a visual performance piece in Bristol. This was performed in June 2016. Joe Williams of Bristol247 said, " Merlin H. Goldman’s opener produced another recognisable character, casting a flat-capped, janitorial, proletarian stereotype into the role of modern-day anarchic insurgent with Bristol as his epic tale’s familiar backdrop, thereby ribbing affectionately the contrived but compelling class narratives of revolutionary political ideology. His description of a bombing of the suspension bridge and its majestic descent into the Avon was well described and unnervingly compelling. He knows his history and said an awful lot during his short slot."
    • Firewall (performed at the Montreal Fringe Festival in 2007)
      The Indyish Assembly Art 2.0 won Celtx's Project of the Week. Indyish's first Assembly involved over 60 artists working relay-style to make 7 short films with soundtracks. The second involved rehearsing multiple plays in 24 hours to be performed at the festival.

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