Merlin Goldman



This site provides examples of my written work as well as give an indication of work in progress.  Please get in touch if you wish to discuss a future collaboration.

The news sections gives the most up to date overview of what I'm currently working on. My short story, Tokyo Violet, as well as two poems will be published next year. The anthology is called 'Voices along the Road'. My two shorts, 'Pursuit' and 'Count to Three' will be released next year. My web series, Swarm, will be filmed next year. 

I've started sending the first three chapters of my second novel, 'The Proving', about a skeptic detective, to agents. I continue to edit. I've been sending out my full length play, Midnight Sunrise, to theatres. Videos of the two previous ones are available to view on my youtube channel.

The 'News' section contains the latest items of interest to me as well as significant activities I have ongoing.  The 'About me' page is a short biography.  The 'Writing' drop-down links to some examples of writing completed or in progress.  There is a also a 'Blog' and a 'Contact' page.