I was born in North London after the moon landing. I was a pupil at Highgate School. We were given reading lists for the summer which I attempted. But I preferred comic books. 

After several years studying science and engineering at University I took a job in Edinburgh for a small start-up called PPL Therapeutics. Along with the Roslin Institute, they created Dolly - the cloned sheep. I worked for a couple more more life sciences companies after that, making antibodies and a drug to treat rheumatoid arthritis. For nine years, I worked for the UK's first innovation agency, soon to be part of UK Research and Innovation.

My interest in creative writing began in 2007. I took a creative writing and scriptwriting class in London. Since 2015, I've written every week on my own or in Meet-up writing groups. I've also attended a few other courses. I attended 'Melting Pot', run by Rachel Aspinall, Creative Director of Part Exchange and a Directing Actors course by Emma Earle, Director of Pins and Needles.

I was a Board Member of Traveling Light theatre company, nominated for an Olivier Award in 2014 for their staging of Cinderella. I volunteered for the University of Bristol's Ethics Committee and now work there as a Centre Manager for Quantum Engineering.

My initial focus has been plays and I was long listed for the Old Vic 12. I finished my first full length play last year, Midnight Sunrise, which I'm circulating to several theatres. I've recently completed a web series, Swarm, for Screenology that will be filmed this year. I'm also editing the scripts for 4 short films - they'll also be shot this year.